Cleveland Male Breast Reduction Surgery

Cleveland Plastic Surgery Institute: Male Breast Reduction Surgery (Gynecomastia Correction)

At the Cleveland Plastic Surgery Insitute we understand the concerns with gynecomastia and offer the latest in gynecomastia surgery techniques.

Men sometimes develop excess breast tissue which detracts from the masculine features of their chest.  The medical term for this condition is called gynecomastia.  This excess breast tissue can enlarge the areola and cause unsightly bulges.  In advanced cases the excess tissue can stretch the surrounding skin and essentially create a small, feminine-appearing breast.  This is a significant concern for many men and they find that despite exercises to build up the chest muscles the excess breast tissue persists.

Surgical Correction

The majority of men with this problem simply developed the condition in puberty due to hormonal changes and the breast tissue failed to go away when they grew out of adolescence.  In some men there can be medical reasons for this problem such as medications, marijuana use, hormonal imbalances, liver disease, or on rare occassions testicular tumors.  If medical reasons have been ruled out, and this can usually be done by a medical history and physical by your doctor or by Dr. Leedy, and the only reason for the excess breast tissue is puberty-related hormonal changes, then surgical correction is a nice option.

Surgery, What to Expect

The degree of the deformity determines the best treatment option.  At the Cleveland Plastic Surgery Institute, Dr. Leedy has treated patients with small cases using Smartlipo only or office-based excision of the sub-areolar excess tissue.  In most patients the procedure is performed in the operating room and involves a combination of direct excision of the excess breast tissue and liposuction to shape the contours.  In extreme cases excision of excess skin may also be needed and this creates scarring on the chest.  Most procedures when performed in the operating room take approximately 2 hours and are outpatient.  Recovery is usually a few days to a week off work and longer for exercise.

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