Cleveland Breast Augmentation

Cleveland’s Best Breast Augmentation at the Cleveland Plastic Surgery Institute

Dr. Jason E. Leedy specializes in “Quick Recovery” Breast Augmentation.  This ground-breaking breast augmentation technique pioneered in Dallas, Texas is now available in Northeast Ohio.  “Quick Recovery” augmentation isn’t just about getting back to normal activities in a short period of time but it is also about trying to eliminate complications.  Dr. Leedy has performed over 100 breast augmentations and has truly fine-tuned to procedure to achieve beautiful, safe, and predictable results.  His infection complication rate is 0%.  His bleeding complication rate is 0%.  And his reoperation rate for capsular contracture is under 1%.

What to Expect

The results speak for themselves.  Patients spend 1 to 1.5 hours under anesthesia and are on their way home a few hours later.  Patients can shower the day of the procedure and are encouraged to go out for dinner the night of the surgery.  Most patients take pain pills the night of the surgery and the next night or two but within 1-2 days most are back to normal activities and take Ibuprofen only.  If you thought that breast implants involved drains, overnight hospital stays, special binding wraps, and weeks of pain and discomfort, you will be delighted to know that it doesn’t have to be that way.  There is a better way.

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Candidates for Breast Implants

Candidates for breast implants include women who are in reasonably good physical and psychological health, and have realistic expectations of results. If they are over 40 years of age they also need a normal mammogram without suspicious findings.  Women who are experiencing breast sag or droop, those who are self-conscious because of small or disproportionate breast-size, and those who simply seek to add volume and new contours to the bustline or are interested in improving the firmness of the breasts can often benefit from breast implants.

Patients considering breast implants should take care to make sure that they are personally comfortable with altering the size and shape of their breasts. Patients who have unrealistic expectations of results and those who have been pressured into surgery by others are generally not good candidates for the procedure.

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Contact us if you are interested in learning if you are a candidate for breast augmentation, call our office to schedule an appointment.  If you would like to read more about Dr. Leedy’s approach to breast augmentation you can review his entries on our blog.