Case: 14358

Restylane® Injection



Case: 14358
Category: Restylane® Injection
Age: 48
Weight: 127
Height: 5’ 2”
Gender: Female
Skin Tone: Fair
Description: This patient from the Cleveland area consulted with Dr. Jason E. Leedy at the Cleveland Plastic Surgery Institute to discuss eyelid rejuvenation. She was not happy with the hollow, dark circles under her eyes and wanted to improve this area. A lower eyelid lift would have provided the most dramatic, long-lasting improvment but she was not interested in undergoing surgery. Instead, she opted for a non-surgical intervention using an injectable soft tissue filler to “fill in” the deep dark hollows under her eyes. In the office she underwent Restylane injections to her lower orbital rim. The result is subtle yet pleasing and has softened and rejuvenated her eyes. Restylane lasts for approximately 6 months but this non-surgical technique allowed her to return to her normal activities immediately without any downtime. If you are interested in learning more about facial rejuvenation call Dr. Leedy at the Cleveland Plastic Surgery Institute to schedule your consultation.

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