Cleveland’s Best Smartlipo

Cleveland Plastic Surgery Institute: Smartlipo (Laser-assisted lipolysis)

At the Cleveland Plastic Surgery Institute Dr. Jason E. Leedy is at the forefront of body contouring technologies.  We offer the latest in body contouring procedures including non-surgical Zerona treatments, minimally-invasive Smartlipo, liposuction or excisional procedures.

Smartlipo is an FDA-approved technology for fat elimination with the use of a laser.  This is called laser-assisted lipolysis.  In this technique the fatty areas to be treated are first anesthetized with a dilute numbing solution and then the laser is inserted through a tiny incision in skin and the fat is heated and destroyed.  In comparison to traditional liposuction, Smartlipo tends to be less traumatic to the tissues which causes less bruising and swelling and the overlying skin can be treated which allows for some skin contraction.  This technology is not a substitute for traditional liposuction but rather it allows improved treatment of smaller areas.  It also allows office-based correction of areas that would be typically require going to the operating room and avoids the extra expenses required for OR procedures.

Typical areas that Dr. Leedy at the Cleveland Plastic Surgery Institute treats are the submental region (under the chin), the bra roll, waistline, abdomen, outer and inner thighs, and knees.  Most treatments take approximately one hour and everyone goes home after the procedure in a compression garment.  Recovery is minimal and most people are back to normal activities the following day.  Results are noticed within a few days but a few weeks are still required for the swelling to fully improve.

Dr. Leedy at the Cleveland Plastic Surgery Institute was the first plastic surgeon to introduce Smartlipo to Northeast Ohio back in 2007.  He studied the technology and realized its usefulness for people with small areas that wanted to avoid the operating room.  He has been treating patients for 3 years with this tecnology and delivers beautiful results with minimal downtime.  If you are considering body contouring and think you may be a candidate for Smartlipo call Dr. Leedy to schedule your consultation.  You will be given an honest assessment of the procedure best suited for your individual situation.  If Smartlipo isn’t the best treatment for you, since Dr. Leedy is a board-certified plastic surgeon he can recommend the option that will give you the results you are looking for.

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