Breast Reduction

Cleveland Plastic Surgery Institute: Breast Reduction Surgery

At the Cleveland Plastic Surgery Insitute we understand the problems with larger, heavy breasts and offer the best in breast reduction surgery, otherwise known as Reduction Mammaplasty.

When the breasts are too large they can cause disabling back and neck pain, deep bra strap grooves in the shoulders, and rashes in the breast folds.  Excessively large breasts prevent people from being as active as they would like to and can be a source of embarrassment.  It doesn’t have to be that way.  Breast reduction surgery is a wonderful procedure to alleviate the problems associated with large, heavy breasts.  Dr. Jason E. Leedy at the Cleveland Plastic Surgery Institute is an expert at breast reduction surgery.  His goal is to make sure the preoperative symptoms are resolved but also to help achieve the patients desired postoperative breast size and shape.  Dr. Leedy excels at this and his breast reduction patients not only feel better after the procedure but they have beautiful breasts as well.

Breast reduction surgery may be covered by your insurance.  If you suffer from large, heavy breasts and have the symptoms such as back and neck pain, grooves in the shoulders, and rashes in the breast fold then you may be a candidate to have your insurance company cover the procedure.  Dr. Leedy will work with you and your insurance to see if this can be covered.  We are often able to get this coverd for patients when other offices were either not willing or able to make it happen.  If it cannot be covered by insurance, then the surgery can still be performed outside of insurance.  Most surgeries take 3 hours and are performed as an outpatient procedure.  If it is safest to have someone monitored overnight because of their underlying health issues or age then we will make the necessary arrangements.  Within 2 weeks most patients are back to work.  From the very first time they get up in the recovery room they notice the immediate improvement.  This is truly life changing surgery and if you are troubled with this problem call Dr. Leedy at at the Cleveland Plastic Surgery Institute today to schedule your consultation.

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