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Otoplasty, or ear surgery, can help children and adults with protruding, prominent ears and aims to increase their self-esteem. Children with large ears that stick out from their head are often victims of teasing from their peers – ear correction can address this by reducing the size of large ears, positioning them closer to the head.

Ear surgery can also help elderly people who have enlarged earlobes achieve a more youthful looking appearance in the ears and face. Adult patients can combine their otoplasty procedure with rhinoplasty, face lift, or BOTOX® for the most optimal aesthetic enhancement. 

What is otoplasty?

A typical otoplasty involves correcting ears that stick out to decrease their projection. Ear surgery is also a good option if you want to correct a birth defect that has affected the shape of the ear cartilage or lobe, make your ears appear smaller, or fix the position/shape of uneven ears, like when one ear looks bigger than the other.

During the procedure, a small incision is made behind the ear and is unlikely to be noticed in everyday life. The ears will be sculpted and, in some cases, cartilage will be removed to achieve your desired ear shape. Ear surgery can be performed on an outpatient basis under general or local anesthesia. 

You will experience some swelling and discomfort in the ears after the procedure. However, most patients are able to return to normal routines after a week. It’s important that you do not bend your ears for at least a month after otoplasty. 

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The most frequently asked questions about otoplasty

Each and every ear is slightly different, even on the same person. The best candidates for ear surgery are healthy patients with reasonable expectations. Otoplasty is generally performed on children ages six to fourteen, but there is no age limit. 

Your desires and expectations will be discussed during your consultation. If applicable, 3D imaging will be provided in order to help simulate the results that are possible.

No. For newborns with misshapen ears, it is often possible to create a permanent improvement with non-surgical ear molding. In this technique, a mold is created, positioned on the ear, and held in place with tape and glue. For about 6-8 weeks the mold is redone, creating a series of incremental improvements After about two months, the ear will start to harden. The molds can be discontinued at this time and the new ear shape will be plainly visible. 

The Cleveland Plastic Surgery Institute’s very own Dr. Leedy is one of the few physicians that offer this technique that helps improve the quality of young patient’s lives forever. The only issue with this technique is that it needs to be started within the first few weeks of life. Many pediatricians are unaware of the benefits of this technique and simply fail to refer patients in a timely fashion. If you or someone you know has a newborn that may benefit from this technique, contact our office as soon as possible at 440.461.6100

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