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At the Cleveland Plastic Surgery Institute, we know that significant weight loss is a challenge. Some people are able to make remarkable changes through diet, exercise, bariatric, and other forms of weight loss surgery, or some combination of options. But unfortunately, even after all of your hard work, major weight loss often has some unwanted side effects that need a little extra taking care of. For those patients with excess skin after weight loss, we are proud to offer the Body Lift procedure.

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What is a body lift?

A body lift, also known as excess skin removal surgery, combines multiple surgeries into one procedure, much like a mommy makeover, to remove excess, saggy skin and fat to return you to a more youthful shape. Because every patient who undergoes a body lift procedure has different needs, your procedure will be specifically tailored to help give you the best results possible. Sometimes this requires that the surgeries be performed in stages, and the areas that pose the most concern are addressed first.

Although weight loss patients may share the goal of better health and a better body, the steps it takes to reach those goals are completely unique to you. See how the Cleveland Plastic Surgery Institute can help.

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Circumferential Body Lift: Patient 1 - Before and After

 After weightloss surgery.

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Circumferential Body Lift: Patient 2 - Before and After

Circumferential Body Lift with Bilateral Gynecomastia Correction

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Circumferential Body Lift: Patient 3 - Before and After

Circumferential Body Lift with Buttock Augmentation after Weight Loss Surgery

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The most frequently asked questions about body lifts

From surgical to non-surgical, and from minor tweaks to significant changes, all procedure options will be presented and available to you. The decision is ultimately yours. Patients who are fully educated on their choices tend to have the most realistic expectations, and enjoy the highest levels of satisfaction with their outcomes. 

A body lift procedure can consist of lower body treatments like:

And upper body treatments like:

The Cleveland Plastic Surgery Institute recognizes the importance of customization when performing surgery after weight loss. Call or click to schedule a consultation with us to see which procedures are right for you. 

The purpose of body lift surgery is to remove excess skin after you’ve lost weight. While each procedure above may entail some removal of fat, that is not the primary purpose – you should be nearing the completion of your journey with weight loss and/or bariatric surgery before undergoing a body lift. You will also need a stable weight for at least six months prior to your surgery in order for our team to know how much skin needs to be removed.

After surgery, you should expect some pain, swelling, and bruising. Pain medication will be prescribed to control discomfort. Bruising may take a week or more to resolve, and swelling may remain up to six weeks or longer. It can take up to 14 days for your stitches to come out or be absorbed. 

You should plan on being out of work and away from usual activities for three to four weeks. Refrain from stressing or stretching your healing skin, especially where it has been sutured closed, and avoid any high impact activities for about one month or more. Avoid jogging, bouncing, and heavy lifting for up to eight weeks.

The recovery process is different for everyone. 

Your results will be permanent. 

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