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Are you struggling to lose weight even with good diet and exercise? At Cleveland Plastic Surgery Institute, we understand how hard losing stubborn weight can be. We’re proud to introduce you to Semaglutide – the first of its kind, highly effective weight loss injection.

What is Semaglutide?

It is an FDA approved weight loss injection that works to suppress your appetite, allowing you to eat less and lose more. The injection can be used for adults with a BMI of 27-30 with weight related medical conditions. 

Cleveland Plastic Surgery Institute offers the following body contouring procedures:

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The most frequently asked questions about Semaglutide

Semaglutide is delivered through a weekly injection, prescribed for patients who have been medically evaluated by Dr. Leedy or Dr. Wirtz at Cleveland Plastic Surgery Institute. The medication contains the GLP-1 hormone that slows down how fast you digest food, which makes you feel fuller for longer. The hormone also inhibits the liver from releasing sugar into the bloodstream, decreasing fat build up. Semaglutide stimulates the pancreas to produce insulin, further reducing your blood sugar.

Semaglutide can be an effective solution for patients looking to achieve their weight loss goals, paired with maintaining a healthy diet and exercise program. For optimal results, we have partnered with a registered dietitian with over 10 years of experience to help guide you through your weight loss journey. 

After you complete 6 months of Semaglutide injections, you should be very proud of your weight loss! This weight loss injection can produce significant results.

Unfortunately though, major weight loss can often have drawbacks in the form of saggy, excess skin and stubborn fat deposits you just can’t seem to shake. If you find yourself struggling with these side effects of weight loss, Cleveland Plastic Surgery Institute can help.

For patients who decide on a facelift and/or neck lift, the benefits are more than just cosmetic. Dr. Leedy considers it a privilege to be a part of your transformation, and he is committed to helping you attain results that are individualized to your unique look.

Benefits of these facial surgery procedures often include:

  • Better self-esteem
  • Greater comfort in social situations, especially around younger people or those lucky enough not to be showing their age
  • Improved confidence in the workplace
  • More flexibility with your wardrobe and makeup routine
  • Looking as young as you feel

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