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At The Cleveland Plastic Surgery Institute, we recognize that nature gave us each a set of qualities. Some of us are outgoing. Some of us are reserved. Some are ambitiously driven while others are quietly reflective. We may be highly active, serenely calm, hotly passionate, or one of the millions who combine these qualities. But the way we feel inside isn’t always the way we appear. We know at the Cleveland Plastic Surgery Insitute that the world around us doesn’t always see what we would like it to.

Perhaps you know exactly what you would change about the way you look, or maybe you’re not quite sure. You may want to appear slimmer, younger, more defined in specific places, and less defined in others. We know these questions are common. Your self-image is a unique combination of your personality and your physical appearance. Our role at the Cleveland Plastic Surgery Institute is to bring those two things into perfect balance.

Test drive a new breast size
before surgery


Before you consider breast augmentation surgery you need to take the Dazzylle implant test drive. Dazzylle (“dazzle“) is a breast implant sizing system that allows you to test drive your “new look”, all in the comfort and privacy of your home. Dazzylle helps better educate you for breast augmentation surgery – helping you make choices which will have long lasting benefits.

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